Facial treatments for women and men

  • Face treatment Basic / 60 min (peeling, face mask, serum, cream)

    from 250 pln

  • Face treatment / 60 min (peeling, manual cleaning, face mask, serum, cream)

    from 300 pln

  • Face treatments Premium (peeling, acid/manual cleaning, face mask, serum, cream, face waxing + henna)

    from 400 pln

  • Express treatments/30 min (peeling and cleaning face, hydration mask))

    200 pln

Eyelashes & make up

  • Eyelashes extensions 1D/2D

    250 pln

  • 3D/4D/ Volume

    280 pln/ 320 pln/ 400 pln

  • Make up

    from 200 pln

  • Eyebrows regulation

    50 pln

  • Eyebrows henna

    30 pln

  • Eyelashes henna

    30 pln

Permanent make up

  • Eyebrows

    from 800 pln

  • Eyelines

    from 500 pln

  • Contour of the lip with red zone

    from 1200 pln

  • Red zone of the lip

    from 800 pln

  • Contour of the lip

    from 600 pln

Professional cosmetology and facial treatments

Is your skin tired and in need of facial treatments? Does it need to regain its natural glow and hydration? That is where our cosmetology team comes in and does its wonders!


Do you need an impressive make up for a special event? We got you covered! Eyelashes extensions are always recommended; however, if this solution does not convince you, allow us to do the natural lashes and brows with henna.


If applying eyeliner, brow gel, and lipstick every day leaves you tired and bored, hear our simple solution. Thanks to Hair & Medispa in Gdańsk this problem can be gone in a couple of hours! The experts perform the procedure of having painless permanent make up done. Say goodbye to waking up early in order to put on your make up!


Before having any kind of application done, the cosmetologist team will put you in the mood with calming facial treatments. Depending on your needs and wishes peelings or serums will be used so that the skin looks fresh, even, and glowy.